7 Must Have Beauty Buys For Valentine's Date Night!

Got a hot date lined up this Valentines Day? Or perhaps you're dining out with your girl friends. Either way, we've rounded up our seven tried and tested MUST USE products for this years Valentines Day date look. You won't want to miss out on these skincare and make-up essentials...trust us.

1. Versed - Hydrating Plumping Face Mask

Price: £9.50
Buy it now: http://bit.ly/2urFi5p

We believe that prep time before stepping out is key. A bit of a pamper before applying that flawless make-up, right? We like to start our pamper process with a face-mask, so we went out there testing a variety of masks to find the right one for you.

Versed's rosehip seed oil + aloe leaf juice was by far the winner. This hydrating plumping mask is guaranteed to help nourish, smooth, plump and moisturise your skin from the first use! And what makes it even greater... it's vegan and fragrance-free with no parabens, silicone or sulphate!

Perfect for dryness and ageing skin with one pouch to last you up to 12+ applications, your skin will be prepped and plump for the most flawless make-up application ever. 

2. KNC Beauty - The Retinol Eye Mask

Price: £5.00
Buy it now: http://bit.ly/2UzS38O

#Eyemaskandchill... honestly, any excuse for some form of skincare and we're sold.

We all love a selfie once we're glitz and glammed and these retinol-infused eye masks are going to help freshen and de-puff those eyes making you 'gram and date night ready...because 7 hours sleep a night is so not a thing. 

With calming and hydrating ingredients such as Aloe, Grape Seed Oil and Rosemary Extract, we were left with hydrated and refreshed under-eyes after just a 20 minute use.

Also great for if you and your gals are spending Valentines eve chilling, eating snacks, watching movies and pampering yourselves - we know you'll love them.

3. NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer

Price: £24.00
Buy it now: http://bit.ly/3bkrZUX

THE holy grail. The dream concealer of all concealers. Our founder Alex Miller swears by this one. Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer is a hydrating, easy to apply concealer known for its natural finish. With 30 different shades available, you're guaranteed to find the perfect shade for you. We went for the Marron Glacé shade. It is perfect for under-eye use and gives a medium - heavy coverage which is just what you need to keep those bags and dark circles at bay. It's also great as a builder-upper. Definitely the best concealer currently on the market and for sure one to use this Valentine's Day.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette -
Pillow Talk

Price: £60.00
Buy it now: http://bit.ly/3bmCiI0

If you love eyeshadow as much as we do, then you'll definitely appreciate the new 12 beautiful shades that complete Charlotte Tilbury's 'Day' 'Desk' 'Date' and 'Disco' Pillow Talk Palette. Get ready to WOW your date this Valentine's by creating the most sensational shimmering eye. Or better yet, give your gal-friend the matte make-over look of dreams. Our favourite was the 'Day' shades and loved the different finishes from the matte peach caramels to the shimmering rose gold. Plus, the shades are super versatile with great pigment so...this one's actually an all year-rounder. 

5. Benefit - Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Price: £22.50
Buy it now: http://bit.ly/39hYIso

With it's long, thin wand, Benefits Bad Gal Bang Mascara is here to bring you the lengthly, volumised lashes you've been dreaming of. For us, it's all about the eyes and making them stand out, and with this mascara, it's hard not to. With no clumping, easy access to inner corner lashes and bottom lashes, this basically gives the perfect illusion of fake lashes, but without all the faffing around with glue and half a lash falling off...

6. Two Faced - Lip Injection Extreme

Price: £10.00
Buy it now: http://bit.ly/2UvmtsJ

Believe us when we say instant results! Two Faced's Lip Injection Extreme is one to purchase if you're looking for that plump lip look. With a sharp tingling sensation for the first few minutes, it glosses the lips and leaves them looking full and oh so kissable! PERFECT for that Valentines date you have lined up, because who doesn't want a juicy pout?!

7. Patrick Ta - Major Glow Body Oil

Price: £48.00
Buy it now: http://bit.ly/2OANVBz

Moisturising but not greasy, that's key when looking for the perfect body oil. Patrick Ta's Major Glow Body Oil in shade 'A Vision', contains a pink pearl effect, leaving your skin with a glowing reflective shimmer. Whether you're just applying to the collar-bones or going for an all over glow, this product boosts radiance and stimulates collagen production. Not only this, but it smells BLISS! With a combination of Jasmine, Saffron and Ambergris, you'll be obsessed after the first use.


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