Chick Flick Movie Marathon


It really doesn't get much better than movie night with the gals and we're here to save you the hour it'll take and all the bickering over agreeing on the perfect movie marathon. 
So get your snacks ready, call the troops over and see what movies we've got in store for you, with some of our all time favourite quotes from each movie!

1.) Bridesmaids

You're almost guaranteed laughter from start to end when these six ladies are present on your screen in the brilliant comedy, Bridesmaids. Although the film is based around an engagement between Maya Rudolph and her husband, the theme within the movie concentrates on women's relationships with one another (we love to see it) making it very relatable for you and your gals to watch and discuss.

2. Mean Girls

There is no such thing as movie night without this one. It doesn't matter if you've seen Mean Girls 99 times, the 100th time watching it will still be as good, if not better, than the first ever time. This movie is FULL of one liners for you and your friends to recite, probably off the back of your hand from watching it so many times.

3. Mamma Mia

The musical of all musicals. When movie night consists of you and your friends singing Super Trouper at the top of your lungs, dreamy 👌🏼 Mamma Mia is a must for movie marathon night. With subliminal life lesson moments, there is so much to learn and take away from this movie. And if you don't clock those moments the first time watching, it's the perfect excuse to rewatch! Thank us later.

4. A Cinderella Story

We know you forgot all about this one.. How could you?! The ultimate throwback when Hilary Duff is on your screen. This 2004 romantic comedy makes us all want to go out there and find our Prince Charming... and then we come back to our senses. This heartfelt movie is liable to have you and your friends shedding a tear or two, so be sure to get the tissues in before the movie begins!

5. 13 going on 30

Now this one's a classic. You can't not add this to your movie marathon list. We all at one point in our youth, wished to be older (how foolish of us!!) so this American fantasy romantic comedy is definitely a relatable one. If you could travel to the future and see what your life was going to be like in 17 years, would you?

6. The Devil Wears Prada

The fieriest film of them all, 2006's comedy drama staring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. Is it just us or is everyone terrified of Meryl in this one?! Watching the glow-up of Anne's character in this movie is one that inspires us all, so if you're looking for fashion inspiration, getting more of an insight on the world of fashion, or simply just want a great watch, The Devil Wears Prada is one for the top of your movie marathon list.

 7. How To Be Single

We had to save this one till last.. Although incredibly humorous, How To Be Single contains lessons on life and love that without a shadow of doubt, we can all learn from. It's definitely one that should be watched repeatedly, maybe when you need a little reminder that everything is going to be ok. This film can guarantee you that reassurance.

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