London Fashion Week

         It's almost that time of the year, where London turns into an immersive innovative fashion experience that no one wants to miss out on.

    LFW kicks off TODAY and runs through until Tuesday 18th February. The focus on this years fashion week is Positive Fashion.

     This year, you can expect to see catwalk shows from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Yuhan Wang, 16Arlington, Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry. We are so excited to see their 2020 designs 👗

     Let's take a look at our favourite looks from 2019's LFW 






















    2020's Top Fashion Trends 

  Top 3 Most Popular Slogans

    Coming from a fashion background, we sat down with our founder, Alexander, and spoke about all things fashion...

    Good afternoon Alex! How are you?
    Alex: I am very well thank you!


    Let's get straight into it.. as we all know, you LOVE fashion. What is your favourite high end designer brand?
    Chanel. It used to be Balenciaga. I still like Balenciaga for their clothes, just not their accessories.


    What's your favourite mid price range brand?
    I'd have to say Yeezy. I live in Yeezy trainers. They're so good for when you want to dress up smart-casual and also when you want to go super super cas.


    And your favourite high-street brand?
    Alex: Urban Outfitters -  I absolutely love it. If you know me, you know I live in baggy sweatshirts and hoodies, and Urban Outfitters is perfect for buys like this.


    What was the inspiration behind
    The inspiration was current trends, like oversize, casual streetwear. I love the way Kanye West dresses with oversized hoodies - and that it's unisex, and this is something that I wanted to try out with


    What's your favourite thing about fashion?
    Alex: The fact that it's so versatile and you can dress according to your mood. It's an expression of who you are.


    Out of 2020's Top Fashion Trends, which is your favourite?
    Bright colours. I love lots of colours - it gives me retro vibes.


    Your favourite quote?
    Alex: not your baby!


    Your favourite colour to wear?
    Black - always.


    Ok - time for This or That...

    Heels or Trainers?

    Overcoats or Puffers?
    Alex: Puffers


    Jeans or Smart Trousers?


    Jewellery or Handbags?


    British Fashion or American Fashion?
    American Fashion

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