Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating Valentines Day or Galentines Day, we know you’ll enjoy the gifts we’ve got in store for your loved ones!
Now we know Valentines Day isn’t for everyone, especially when you’re not celebrating it with anyone (yes we meant when you’re single, but didn’t want to sound harsh, but now we’ve said it anyway. Moving on…). But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your gals and exchange the cutest of pressies. After all, your girlfriends know you better than any guy will (sorry guys). 
It’s time for us to show you this years top eight recommended Valentines / Galentines gifts from our very own retail line. And to make them even more perfect gifts, they’re all PINK. 

Greeting Card - £3

Lets start with a card. Cards are kind of a big deal when it comes to this day. There’s no excuse for this one!

Whether it’s a card for your bestie expressing your appreciation for them and how you couldn’t imagine doing life without them, or a love letter to your other half telling them how you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them, we’ve got the perfect card for both!

You’re The Sweetest card featuring our very own Rose Macaroon that can be found in the cake display of all eight of our stores. You’re definitely going to win your loved ones over with this one, we’re sure of it. 

The Pink Gift Card - From £20

The all time go to gift. Our Pink Gift Card. The perfect Valentines or Galentines purchase. With a minimum spend of £20, treat someone you love to brunch at any one of our eight stores by slipping the prettiest of gift cards into their You’re the Sweetest card!

Compostable Coffee Pods box of 10 - £8.50

Now lets get into the main present ideas…

We know exactly how you can win your loved one over on Valentines morning.. Waking them up to their very own EL&N coffee in bed! Bliss! Our Compostable Coffee Capsules come in the CUTEST pink triangle box. And to make it even more of a romantic gift, our famous ‘I love you a latte’ slogan can be spotted running down the side of the box.. I know right 😍

 Slogan Ceramic Cup 225ml - £15

Now we really do have the cheat code for you this Valentines Day. Not only are you waking your loved ones up to EL&N coffee in bed, you’re presenting it to them in our ‘I love you a latte’ ceramic cup. Our mugs come in the choice of two colours, pink and grey. How can you resist?!


Celebrating Galentines Day?

Slogan Ceramic Cup 225ml - £15

Our pink and grey ceramic cups come in a variety of quotes, including the perfect one for your bestie. ‘Coffee and friends, the perfect blend’ 💖

Life Long Bottle 500ml - £28

When your bestie or significant other’s new years resolution was to drink more water and then you purchase them their very own life long pastel pink water bottle… Did someone say brownie points? 

We’re all out here trying to stay hydrated and get that clear skin so life long water bottles really are life saviours when it comes to those things. But more importantly, we’re all trying to build a more sustainable future. You’ll get even more brownie points for showing your enthusiasm in helping save the planet… Trust us 👊🏼

Flasks - L £30 S £25

Our best sellers were always going to make it onto our Valentines / Galentines Day gift recommendations! Pastel pink flasks. Need we say more?

Determine how much coffee your bestie / significant other needs each morning, then order the appropriate size flask, small or large (don’t get it wrong or this could leave you in a whole load of trouble for the rest of what was meant to be a romantic day). They’ll be thinking about you each and every morning on their commute to work whilst sipping from their flasks, cuuuute.

Life Long Tote Bags - £12

Who said baggage had to be a bad thing? Not with our illustrated tote bags it’s not. Wrap all of the other EL&N gifts up and present them to your Valentines or Galentines partner in our beautiful cotton tote bag. A present in a present. You get our drift? 

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