Coffee Roastery

From the farm to your flat white – the magical journey of our EL&N coffee.

The start of the journey begins with Pedro and his family team down on
the Veloso farms estate in Brazil.

Here the team focus their passions on the diversity of their planted cultivars and distinct
terroirs to nurture the perfect coffee cherries for our house espresso.

The green coffee then leaves the loving hands of Pedro and arrives at our roastery, ready for the alchemy of roasting.

Joe, our head roaster meticulously samples different roast profiles to unlock the full flavour potential of our coffee. 

Once we’ve honed the perfect roast profile, it gets locked in, and the roasting begins.

Every batch is hand-roasted to our unique flavour profile and then shipped fresh to our coffee shops every week.



Developing the perfect espresso

Throughout our coffee’s journey, the flavour is nurtured into the coffee
cherry and then extracted from the roasted bean.

Richard, our head of coffee quality cups each batch to ensure the hard
work from everyone in the chain remains consistent across every bag of
coffee that leaves the roastery.


Every morning our baristas dial-in our espresso recipe with the same care
and passion as Pedro and his family on the farm, all for that perfect cup
of coffee delivered straight to you!

We’ve expanded our range for you to enjoy EL&N coffee at home, with
our capsule pods (Nespresso machine compatible) and ground coffee bean
bags all available both in store and online.








All EL&N Coffee is small batch roasted to ensure our head roaster
Joe can personally oversee the quality of the roasting and beans.
All coffee is roasted fresh to order.


Located in the Cerrado Minerio region Veloso farms
is a family run coffee farm. The farmers are experts in
growing speciality grade coffee.

Cerrado Mineiro is recognized worldwide for producing excellent coffee
quality which is 
acclaimed by coffee lovers from all over the world.
The altitude of around 1061 meters and humid subtropical climate are
factors that characterize two distinct seasons: a rainy summer and a dry
winter - making the perfect environment for coffee development


Our Veloso farms speciality grade coffee is a bold Brazilian coffee with a
rich chocolate body, 
caramel sweetness, and a light citrus acidity. It shines
as an Americano and pairs harmoniously with milk for a perfect Flat White


All of our coffee is roasted to order to maintain the optimum freshness
and quality. Once in sealed in an oxygen barrier bag our coffee will
maintain its flavour profile for up to 6 months. Our coffee is exported over
the Globe on a weekly basis.  We
use road transportation for mainland
Europe with both Air and Sea freight options for the Rest of World. After
           the 1st order we can move to a rolling forecast fresh coffee can arrive every week.